Iโ€™ve visited Brampton Cosmetic for a couple different treatments/procedures. The office is stylish, clean and all the staff are cheerful. Those are some of the first things I noticed about this really wonderful clinic. I also think those are also great indicators of how well a business is run; the office is so current, the staff take pride in their appearance, in how the customers feel, and the morale of the staff seems high. Stephanie, Navi, Dr. Sleightholm (and Lisa, and Julianna ๐Ÿ™‚) have all been so helpful, honest and welcoming to all of my questions or concerns… even if my anxious list is long. Every time I decide on a service, we discuss expectations, procedure & price- I am always extremely pleased with the final outcome. If youโ€™ve been waiting to do something but you have questions, you should book an appointment! If youโ€™re trying to decide between doctors, Dr. Sleightholm is meticulous, insightful and caring. You wonโ€™t find a more warm place to begin your journey.