Hale Derma Spray



Short Description

A pre and post-care, all-natural, fragrance-free spray that combines skincare and medical-grade science. Use before treatments to clean and prevent dehydration, and use post-treatment to moisturize, promote healing, and reduce the risk of breakouts or infections.


This pre and post-procedure topical mist is a physician-recommended spray made with HOCl, a natural part of the body’s internal defense system. This skin mist can be used for cleansing skin before and after treatments. It is all-natural, oil and fragrance-free and helps to promote healing and prevent breakouts or infections.

Size: 4oz bottle

Directions: Clean the application site and lightly shake. Spray 3-5 times and blot or air dry, do not rinse. Repeat as needed and use it with your daily regimen.