At Brampton Cosmetic, our team is always looking to bring you the best and brightest skincare solutions. We’re excited to share our newest arrival with you now – AlumierMD!

AlumierMD is all about the science of great skincare personalized for you. Its luxurious skincare solutions are made using only the highest quality ingredients and advanced delivery systems that will reveal your skin’s radiance.

AlumierMD’s Skincare Secret

What’s AlumierMD’s secret? It’s simple – when it comes to great skincare, one size doesn’t fit all. The reality is that with the countless individual skin profiles that exist, there won’t be one “magic ingredient” that will give everyone smoother, brighter, more youthful and radiant skin.

AlumierMD understands this and has created multifaceted, results-driven products that can be used to target the underlying physiology of your unique skin type and condition.

Complete Skincare Solutions

AlumierMD’s products (cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers, antioxidants, specialty serums, and sunscreens) have been developed to treat a range of conditions including:

  • Signs of aging.
  • Rosacea.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Acne.

AlumierMD provides both professional and homecare treatments, which are formulated to work together to improve your skin’s health.

When it’s time to reorder more of your favourite product, just go online! AlumierMD’s web-based portal makes it easy to replenish your supplies. All you need is a dedicated access code, which the skincare professionals at Brampton Cosmetic will be happy to provide for you.

Commitment to Sustainability

AlumierMD cares about protecting and preserving the natural resources around us, continually working on strategies that will decrease the company’s carbon footprint:

  • AlumierMD uses recyclable packaging.
  • Its boxes aren’t covered in cellophane, which drastically reduces the amount of waste it creates.
  • None of its products are tested on animals.
  • The Lotus Scrub is made with lotus seed powder and microcrystalline cellulose, naturally biodegradable exfoliating agents that won’t harm marine life or hurt water quality.
  • AlumierMD’s products are also free of chemical preservatives like parabens, BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene), and BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole).

AlumierMD chooses sustainable ingredients and works only with suppliers who share the vision of safeguarding the environment.

We are excited to welcome AlumierMD’s products to Brampton Cosmetic and can’t wait to share them with you!

Do you want to learn more about which AlumierMD products will be right for you? Contact the skincare experts at Brampton Cosmetic today!

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