It is not uncommon for women to have one breast slightly larger or smaller than the other, but for some women the difference is severe. A breast augmentation surgery offers a positive solution, ideal for making asymmetrical breasts more symmetrical.

Having asymmetrical breasts can affect women’s day-to-day lives and overall emotional wellbeing. Many make the satisfying choice to undergo breast augmentations, which can boost their self-confidence and increase their comfort in their own bodies.


If you decide the procedure is right for you, here are some important things to know:

Preparing for Your Procedure

Before making any decisions, explore what options are available to you. Research the clinics and cosmetic surgeons in your area, including their specializations. Do they have experience performing successful breast augmentations, particularly in cases involving asymmetry?

Before your session, ask yourself what you want to achieve from the procedure. When you meet with your surgeon, be sure you are frank. Talk honestly about your desired results so they can make appropriate recommendations, give you relevant advice, and make sure you will be satisfied with the expected outcome.

Surgical Options for Your Breast Augmentation

The best solution for you will depend on you and your unique case. Your surgeon will review your options with you to help you decide which is most suitable for you.

Potential outcomes include:

  • Placing an implant in the smaller breast
  • Placing different sized implants in each breast
  • Removing tissue from the larger breast
  • Nipple repositioning

Don’t be surprised if both breasts need to be addressed. The best long-term results, including greater symmetry, are often achieved if the same procedure is performed on both breasts. Your body’s own limitations might also impact your options. A reduction might be your best option, depending on your existing measurements and how much your skin and breasts can or cannot stretch.

Before committing to any procedure, don’t forget to ask your surgeon some questions. For example:

  • What results does the surgeon expect? Are the results you envisioned realistic?
  • What is the surgeon’s level of experience in performing breast augmentation, especially for cases involving breast asymmetry?

Ensure your surgeon advises you on more general information, including the details of your procedure, its predicted duration, and post-operative expectations for healing.

Recovery and Results

Plan to spend time relaxing at home, refraining from any strenuous physical activity during your recovery. Your surgeon will consult with you to determine an expected timeline.

You should expect to see some scarring, likely minimal. Your breasts need a few weeks to take their final shape. That is normal. Stitches will need time to heal, and you might notice small lumps or uneven colouring initially. If you have any concerns during your healing process, reach out to your surgeon for guidance.

It is important while you’re healing to maintain realistic expectations about the final outcome. A breast augmentation will not make your breasts perfectly symmetrical, but it will result in greater symmetry between them. What matters is that you walk away from the process satisfied with the changes you see in yourself and confident in your own body.

The Brampton Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa has served the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) since 1994, and safely performs many breast augmentation procedures each year. Book a consultation today.

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