For many people, choosing to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure is a way to turn their vision into a life-changing reality. If you’re considering a cosmetic treatment like a breast augmentation or tummy tuck but are concerned about the cost, financing your procedure is an option worth investigating.

There are a few important things for you to keep in mind as you’re exploring your choices.

What to Expect When Financing Your Cosmetic Procedure

As you’re researching your options, make sure you find out:

  • The interest rates each lender can offer you
  • What payment terms will be available to you (the range is usually between six months and six years)
  • Any penalties you will incur if you decide to pay off the balance before the term of the loan expires

There are certain factors that can increase the likelihood that your application will be approved, including:

  • Having been a credit card carrier in good standing for at least two years
  • Having no judgments against you and having never declared bankruptcy
  • Being gainfully employed when putting through the application
  • Being a homeowner
  • Maintaining a healthy credit score

If you have had credit issues in the past, rest assured that securing a loan for your cosmetic surgery procedure is still possible. You might face higher interest rates, but you can work with your lending agency to determine terms suited to your needs and start building better credit.

Are you considering financing only part of the cost of your cosmetic surgery?

Most companies will allow you to choose how much of your procedure you want to finance depending on the cost and your credit history.

Choosing the Right Partner

Most, though not all, cosmetic surgery clinics will work with specific third-party financing companies. If you are looking at having your procedure done by a particular surgeon, research that clinic to find out which creditors they are partnered with so you can effectively tailor your research.

Brampton Cosmetic works with three reputable financing partners:

Medicard has been offering financing solutions for medical procedures since 1996. They can finance all or a portion of your treatment and offer terms ranging from six months to six years. They do not require a deposit or collateral, and there is no early payment penalty.

Credit Medical has been providing competitive rates and flexible plans to finance elective medical procedures since 2001. There is no down payment required, and you can pay off the entirety of your loan at any time without penalties.

Having options means you can shop around to compare rates and terms to find the plan best suited to you.

Top Tips for Financing Your Treatment

If you choose to finance your cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedure, remember:

  • Do not sign any binding contracts until you have thoroughly researched the company and are satisfied with their reputation and level of expertise
  • Always read the fine print: you need to have a clear understanding of payment schedules and late penalties, and confirm that the stated interest rate is what you expect
  • Don’t miss scheduled payments, as doing so will accrue interest quickly
  • Ultimately, make sure you develop a realistic plan to pay off the loan and stick to it

Deciding to finance a cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedure is an important decision. In the end, you can be confident knowing you’ll be making a positive, life-changing investment in yourself.

At the Brampton Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa, we can help you find the right financing partner for your cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedure. Contact us today to learn more.

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