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Treatments for Normal Skin at Brampton Cosmetic

If you have a ‘normal skin’ type, congratulations, you have the most ideal skin type! Normal skin is characterized by small pores, an even, soft, balanced skin complexion that isn’t too oily, dry, or sensitive and isn’t likely to breakout. If you have this skin type, you don’t need to be as selective about the types of products and treatments you can get. However, normal skin doesn’t mean you won’t ever experience a different skin type or skin concern. Your environment, genetics and hormones can influence your skin type and cause changes in your skin that may benefit from specific products or treatments. It’s also important to protect the skin and its barrier function to maintain healthy, beautiful skin with age.

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Available Treatments

If you have a normal skin type, you may benefit from a consultation with Brampton Cosmetic Surgery Center & Medical Spa to determine the best products and treatments to help you reach your desired skin complexion or treat any specific concerns.


If you have normal skin, you may benefit from any of our Medspa, non-surgical procedures like our facial injections and fillers, facials, Bela MD treatments, microneedling or laser skin treatments. A consultation will help you to determine what treatments will help you to achieve your desired results.


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