Lip Injections can add or restore volume to the lips for a natural, full look and improve of the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, smoker’s lines, or a gummy smile.

According to and the JUVÉDERM® FACE Report, approximately 1 in 4 Canadian women have received or are considering receiving injectable cosmetic treatments. More and more women in Canada are using cosmetic injections, including lip injections like Juvederm™ and Teosyal™ dermal fillers. However, not all women are looking for the kind of large, unnatural looking lips that many people associate with lip injections. Lip injections can create natural, full, plump lips while improving the look of wrinkles or smoker’s lines around the mouth. They may also define your smile by reducing the amount of gum shown and create balance.

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Lip Fillers Are a Safe Non-Surgical Procedure That Can Help Boost Your Confidence

Many women are now looking to cosmetic injections to achieve a natural, full look which can help boost self-esteem. Lip injections can also help to create a more balanced face and help define the lips borders and cupids bow. Improving facial balancing is key to a more natural look when considering filler.

Lip injections are considered a very safe procedure when administered by a medical professional, plastic surgeon, or nurse with specialized training. While temporary, lip injections are made up of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in your body that helps retain moisture. Lip fillers are safe when performed by a medical professional, and cause minimal, minor side effects. Find out more on what you need to know about lip injections and fillers, and see before and after images on our website.

Dermal lip fillers can help create a beautiful smile and reduce the look of a ‘gummy’ smile. Creating larger, fuller, more defined lips can even out the smile and reduce the amount of gum shown. If you find your smile to be an insecurity, lip fillers can help create more balance and give you the confidence you need to smile more often!

Lip fillers also restore volume to the lips and can help to improve the look of wrinkles and smoker’s lines by smoothing them out. Although lip fillers cannot prevent signs of aging, they can improve the look of wrinkles around the mouth and prevent the need for a more significant procedure, like a lip lift, down the line.

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