You’re excited about your new look after cosmetic surgery. How do you make sure that newfound self-confidence stays with you?

Cosmetic surgery is an investment of time and energy. You’ve already put the effort into choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon, undergoing the procedure, and scheduling recovery time.

But your investment doesn’t end when you go back to your normal routine. You must follow a healthy lifestyle after your procedure to maintain and maximize the results for years to come.

In a recent article, The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery lists three tips for maintaining and enhancing your results after cosmetic surgery:

1. Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly

cosmetic surgerySurgical lifting, body contouring, and fat removal procedures can transform your body shape. But these results only last if you maintain a healthy weight. Although you may need to take some time off your regular exercise routine during recovery, you can start by eating a healthy diet. Once it’s safe to reintroduce physical activities, develop a workout regimen you can stick to. These lifestyle changes are critical to improving your overall health and keeping the new look you love.

2. Take Care of Your Skin (It Makes a Big Difference!)

woman-portrait-face-studio-37546-largeTaking care of your skin properly after a surgical procedure will help it heal properly and reduce scarring. This means following all of your surgeon’s aftercare instructions, which may include postoperative activity restrictions and protecting your incisions from the sun. Use only topical scar care creams and ointments (like those from Oxygenetics) that have been recommended by your doctor. After recovery, the right medical-grade products can help you maintain and enhance your results, especially for facial procedures.

3. Develop Healthy Habits

healthy habitsBe honest with your surgeon about your lifestyle habits, such as your tobacco use, alcohol consumption and even what supplements or vitamins you use. What you put in and on your body impacts your surgical results and your overall health.

Read the full article ‘Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Cosmetic Surgery Results’ on the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Blog.

Ultimately, it is possible to keep that feeling of confidence and enjoyment in your new look, even years after your cosmetic surgery. The key is to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating healthy, and being mindful about what you put in and on your body.

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