Dr. Sleightholm and his staff members are friendly, patient, and professional.

The ladies working the reception desk are very knowledgeable. They encouraged me to phone and email with all my questions and concerns before and after the procedure.

Claudia and Dr. Sleightholm met with me and we discussed the size and look that appeals to me. They took into account my athletic lifestyle and addressed all my concerns while deciding my size, shape, and type of implant.

After surgery, the staff members and Dr. Sleightholm continued to keep in touch.

I am thrilled with my new body. I feel beautiful and confident. I canโ€™t believe it is me when I look in the mirror. My clothes fit properly and I feel fabulous. I highly recommend Dr. Sleightholm to friends and family.

To Dr. Sleightholm and your staff members, you are amazing. I canโ€™t say enough nice things about all of you. You are the BEST!

Thank you. *