1. Do Follow Your Cosmetic Surgeon’s Instructions

During your consultation and after your procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will provide post-operative guidance to maximize your comfort and encourage recovery.

Typical instructions might include:

  • Following a regular schedule with pain medications and antibiotics. Remember, you should not wait until pain has worsened before turning to a medication. Taking all dosages as recommended is the key to keeping pain and infection under control.
  • Wearing support garments for roughly six weeks. This will help prevent fluid buildup, reduce swelling, give support to your abdominal muscles, and help your body adjust to its new shape.
  • Investing in comfortable underwear, specifically some that won’t interfere with your incisions.

If you have any additional questions or concerns as you’re healing, make sure to reach out to your cosmetic surgeon for their advice.

2. Don’t Overexert Yourself after Your Procedure

You should expect to spend at least a few days relaxing at home after your tummy tuck. You’ll be able to take short walks within the first few days, working your way up to more strenuous exercises over the next few weeks. Staying active (even if it’s only a brief walk) will aid your body in reducing swelling and minimizing the risk for blood clots.

Keep in mind that sitting and lying down might be uncomfortable for a few weeks, as your abdominal muscles will be particularly sensitive. Move slowly so you don’t strain yourself, and ask for help whenever necessary.

3. Do Maintain Realistic Expectations for Your Post-Tummy Tuck Body

As you’re recovering, it’s crucial to remember that a tummy tuck will not produce immediate results. It can take anywhere between three months and a year for your body to fully recover and adapt to new-and-improved figure.

A tummy tuck will leave scarring, though it will diminish as you heal. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will ensure scars are located below your bikini line to make them as discreet as possible.

4. Don’t be too Hard on Yourself as You’re Recovering

Some days you might look in the mirror and be unhappy with the person staring back.

Don’t worry, that’s okay!

Recovering from a tummy tuck is a months-long process that can come with both good and bad days. What matters is maintaining realistic expectations as you’re healing, following your surgeon’s advice, and openly discussing any concerns you have or challenges you’re facing.

In the end, you can look forward to rocking those jeans from when you were a teenager or flaunting that bathing suit you’ve always wanted – embracing and showcasing the new, revitalized, and confident you.

Are you ready to transform your shape? At Brampton Cosmetic, our qualified and caring medical team has been performing tummy tucks since 1994. Book your consultation today with Dr. Sleightholm and a qualified consultant.

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