Your consultation – that initial conversation you’ll have with a cosmetic surgeon – is the first and most important step you’ll take in your journey towards a successful cosmetic surgery experience and a revitalized, reinvigorated you. You want to make that time count, but should you have to pay for it?

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about consultation fees, including what’s included and how they actually benefit you:

What’s included in a Consultation Fee?

Your consultation fee ensures personal, private one-on-one time with the plastic surgeon you’ve been researching. You’ll also be able to meet directly with other members of the clinic’s staff including surgical consultants.

Ultimately, your consult gives you a valuable opportunity to assess a plastic surgeon – whether they make you feel comfortable, welcome, and confident in the results they can provide – just as the surgeon will be able to determine if you’d be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery and the procedure you’re interested in. If they have any concerns or feel there’s an alternate approach that would deliver a better outcome, they’ll be able to offer guidance on those different options.

What are the five questions you need to ask during your cosmetic surgery consult? Read our blog to find out!

How Does a Consultation Fee Benefit You?

Think of a consultation fee as an investment in yourself, giving you assurance that your cosmetic clinic will:

  • Uphold the Highest Professional Standards: Although charges like consultation fees are optional, having one in place signals to you that the clinic is led by reputable, experienced staff who takes pride their professional reputations.
  • Truly Care about You, the Patient: A “free consult” often ends up being little more than a rushed, high-pressure money grab. Clinics providing no-cost consults are typically more concerned with selling you a surgery than finding out if the procedure is actually right for you.
  • Deliver Better Results: Charging a consultation fee lets you know that a cosmetic clinic is serious about understanding your needs and providing an outcome that will leave you glowing. Remember that cosmetic surgery is a major investment – both physically and financially. Saving a hundred dollars at the start could mean even bigger costs down the road if you need to address a problem or aren’t satisfied with what you see.

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, can be a truly life changing experience. Choosing an experienced, caring cosmetic surgeon and clinic is the key to ensuring an outcome that will leave you glowing.

The Brampton Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa has been performing cosmetic procedures in the Mississauga, Brampton, and Greater Toronto Areas since 1994. If you’re considering a cosmetic surgical or non-surgical procedure, please contact us to arrange for a consultation.

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