A tummy tuck can be a life changing experience, giving women and men a transformed appearance and a boost to their self-confidence. It’s especially popular for people who have experienced significant weight loss, or for women who have gone through pregnancy and childbirth, and as a result are affected by weakened abdominal muscles and loose skin.

A tummy tuck is a serious surgical procedure, and patients should prepare themselves for longer recuperation times. Recovery periods will vary by patient and depend on factors including the extent of the treatment and surgical techniques used. Your cosmetic surgeon will review all relevant details with you well in advance of your procedure, giving you adequate time to prepare.

We’ve put together this guide to provide tips for a positive recovery and help patients better understand what to expect when recovering from a tummy tuck procedure.

6 Tips for a Comfortable, Successful Recovery from Tummy Tuck Surgery

  1. Take Pain Medication and Antibiotics as Instructed

Taking your medication as instructed will nip problems – including pain and infection – in the bud before they have a chance to worsen.

With antibiotics, you might be tempted to stop taking your recommended dosages early because you feel better. Don’t do that. The medications need to run their course in order to take full effect and protect your sensitive, healing body.

  1. Wear Your Support Garment

Your support garment helps you heal by:

  • Preventing fluid buildup
  • Reducing swelling
  • Providing support for your abdominal muscles
  • Helping your abdominal muscles conform to their new shape

You will need to wear your support garment for about six weeks after your procedure. At Brampton Cosmetic, we will provide you with your first-stage support garment. You will need to purchase your second-stage support when you’re ready to transition into it.

Medical abdominal supports come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have holes, zippers, and seams exactly where they need to be to prevent them from putting too much pressure on sensitive areas.

Make sure you find a support garment that’s going to be comfortable for you. Consider investing in two or three so you’ll always have a backup handy when another one is in the wash or drying.

  1. Invest in Comfortable Underwear

The last thing you need while you’re recovering from a tummy tuck is uncomfortable undergarments, especially ones that put pressure on sensitive incisions. Whether you need to buy a bigger size, try a different fit, or break out your maternity panties, make sure you keep your comfort a priority while you’re healing.

  1. Walk and Move Around

For the first few days you’ll be restricted to short walks, but soon you’ll be able to move around more and get back into your old routines. Walking will help prevent blood clots (a greater risk after abdominal surgery), reduce swelling, and get your body back into its natural rhythm.

  1. Be Patient

Activities that would otherwise be easy might make you sore and take extra time for a little while. Avoid strenuous physical activities – including heavy lifting – for a few days to a week after your surgery to avoid straining incisions and sutures.

Expect standing or sitting up after lying down to be uncomfortable initially, as your abdominal muscles will be very sensitive. Take your time and move slowly so you don’t put too much pressure on your healing body. Try pushing yourself up using your arms, and ask for assistance whenever possible.

  1. Always Follow Your Surgeon’s Advice

As you’re healing, make sure you follow the guidelines your cosmetic surgeon provides. If you have questions or concerns along the way, reach out to them for advice and guidance.

Results to Expect

As you’re recovering, it’s important to be patient and give your body the time it needs to heal and take its new shape. Full recovery can take between three months and a year, depending on the nature of your procedure.

Patients should expect to see scarring. Initially scars might be colourful and raised, but they will fade to discrete, muted lines over time and with proper care. A good cosmetic surgeon will also ensure they’re located below the bikini line, an inconspicuous location where they’ll be more easily hidden even when you’re wearing that new, stunning bathing suit while spending a day at the beach.

Taking it easy and following your surgeon’s advice will ensure a smooth, comfortable recovery. In a short time, you’ll be able to enjoy your revitalized, youthful figure and renewed confidence in yourself and your own body.

Brampton Cosmetic safely performs tummy tucks that exceed patients’ expectations. Our clinic has been serving clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Brampton and Mississauga, since 1994. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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